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2 Year Old

Here at Nova, we care about healthy child development.  At 24 months old, your child is excited and busy exploring their environment. We have designed fun, engaging activities that help toddlers learn important ways to be independent and develop social good ability, cooperative play and improve communication skills.

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Early Learning Begins Here

Learning Activities

  • Early learning fun: Improving memory by teaching letters, number, words, colors

  • Beginning reading skills – Simple phrases, phonics and word recognition

  • Improving mobility: Play time that involves jumping and climbing

  • Improving balance: Outdoor exercise activities that improve balance and focus

  • Concepts in age appropriate literature– Reviewing words and illustration

  • Books – We will read to your child frequently throughout each day 

  • Science –Working with magnifying glasses, scales, magnets, color viewers, thermometers, living items.

  • Math –  Number identification, counting, sorting, grouping, matching, sequencing, ordering of objects.

  • Technology-Learning to turn on tablets and how to navigate to learning applets

  • Creative expression – Dramatic play center, art center, block center, music and movement,  developing your child's imagination through storytelling 

  • Social and Personal Skills – Playing cooperatively with others, taking turns, listening and expressing ideas, stating their name, age and address, demonstrating self-help skills, showing confidence, controlling behavior and demonstrating pride in their own work.

Physical Development



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